Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Bee} Mine...

{Love} Day is just around the corner! Man this month is flying by!! I love Valentine's day for many of reasons. I {love} making little things for my kiddos and daycare kiddos and I love the pinks and reds!:) So the other day I was diggin through my pile of scraps! I found 5 different sized blocks and came up with this {Bee} Mine project. Now I'm not extremely fond of the little "bee" I did above the "I" but..oh well you win some you lose some! All in all in turned out pretty cute! So this is how I did it:
{Bee} Mine
Items Needed:
5 different size blocks of wood (honestly couldn't tell you the measurements) :)
Paint brush
Paper to make your "Bee"
Mod Podge
Step 1: Take your 5 blocks and figure out how you want to stand them...I played with mine a few different ways and decided on a set up. Then decide what colors of paint you want to do!
Step 2: Paint your blocks the different colors you want. The two colors of pinks were mixed pinks and reds and whites! They turned out that color so I went with it :)
Step 3: After they dry very thoroughly..sand and ink your edges all up!
Step 4: Take your vinyl letters and place them onto the blocks
Step 5: Embellish (My favorite part) :)
Step 6: Make your bee...I just cut a small oval-ish shape for the body, some stripes out of a different color of pink, then a head and some wings...inked it up and mod podged it all together and onto the block!
Step 7: Set them up and display!! Yay! So cute :)

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