Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Hurricane Jars...

{October} one of my most favorite months is here!! I love the colors, the spooky and fun decor!! I have seen Hurricane jars in different places on different websites and such and I'm cheap...plain and I wanted to make them the easiest and cheapest way! So here is what I did. Thanks to our wonderful DI who supplied me the jars and candlestick bases for this project it cost me 3 bucks :) Here's what I did!
{Hurricane Jars}
2-? different sized jars
2-? candle stick bases (for lack of a better term)
E-6000 Glue
2 med-heavy books
Halloween Candy

Step 1: Take all of your glass jars and candlestick bases and wash/dry them thoroughly! Then take your candlestick bases and put E-6000 glue all around the edges of it.
Step 2: Take your jar and place it centered on top of the glue and press down firmly.
Step 3: Take your medium heavy books and place them evenly on top (Warning: make sure it is stable and centered before assuming it is and letting go! It will CRASH!)
Step 4: Let them dry over night or for the day
Step 5: Take your Halloween Candy of choice and fill them with different kinds
Step 6: You can also put vines/ candles/ pumpkins anything you want inside of them!! I am still waiting to get a candle in the tallest one and then I will put them on the shelf in my entry way with the rest of my stuff!! :) Coming up is a debut of all the Halloween decor and some fun new things I have made!!!
{ Halloween Hurricane Jars}

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