Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Colored Cupcakes...

I have seen different versions of "colored cupcakes" all over the web but came up with something very similar to everyone elses and way cheap!! :) If you have a little one who loves colors/ who is learning colors or just loves to play a game this is perfect for them. I teach preschool and my kids {love} to do games and learn!! So here is how I did it!
{Colored Cupcakes}
Item's Needed:
Paint brush
12 colors of felt (primary colors)
A cupcake pan/muffin pan
Embroidery floss
Stuffing :)

Step 1: Take your 12 colors of paint and paint each cupcake/muffin hole a different color. The colors I did are Red, White, Orange, Gray, Green, Yellow, Blue, Cream, Pink, Purple, Brown and Black!!
Step 2: While that is drying take a cup that is just a bit bigger then the cupcake/muffin hole and trace 2 circles on each color of felt.
Step 3: Cut each set out
Step 4: Take your embroidery floss and sew your 2 circles together like so...
Leave a small hole so you can stuff it with stuffing :)
Step 5: Stuff each of them and then sew it all up :)
You will have 12 of these cute little cookie looking things!
Step 6: Take each one and place them in there matching color in the cupcake pan!
Step 7: Let your kids try it and ENJOY watching them giggle and think they are cupcakes :)
{Colored Cupcakes}

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