Friday, October 22, 2010

{Halloween Debut}

Here is the {Halloween Debut} of all the decor in my house. I dont have much but enough to fill our small space! :) Most of these I made myself. If not I got them from Dollar stores, or on clearance elsewhere! Enjoy!

{Eek} blocks...Made them last year tutorial found on the right side of my blog under "Halloween"
My favorite shelf!!
Hurricane Jars....Tutorial a couple posts below this one!
Small Halloween Figures are from Dollar Tree a couple years ago!
{Halloween Tree} or "Spooky Tree" as my 3 year old calls it!! Super easy to make! Find some dead tree limbs...clean them up a bit and paint them black. I bought the Skeletons from the Dollar store in a package of 6-8?! Hot glue ribbon to the heads and tie them on at random spots!! Fill a jar with rocks or sand or whatever you would like and stick the limbs down inside it. Last tie some ribbon around the jar!! :) Love this!
Candle sticks! Re-purposed from old yucky red to black!! I put white candles with Halloween ribbon tied around them on top of them! Also the Halloween Subway Art! I have a new love!!!
Halloween- Yard Sale for 50 cents!
Trick or Treat- Tutorial found on the right side of my blog under "Halloween"
"Boo" frames! 3 extra frames I had that I sanded down a bit. Using scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering spell out BOO then use ribbon, buttons and anything you want to dress them up! Super fun and simple :)
Cute Spider! Won from a giveaway on another craft blog! Thank you Lyndsey!!
Vinyl Pumpkins! Also another new love!!
My front porch area!! I couldn't for the life of me find a strawbale so I used my bench!!! Vinyl on pumpkins is sooo super cute and fun!! I made the Pumpkin Patch sign out of a scrap piece of wood and bought the other small pumpkins from a local grocery store! My favorite "decor" for Fall and Halloween!!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed the {Halloween Debut}!! Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!!


  1. So many cute ideas Tara! I really need more cricut cartridges!!!

  2. I havent been on here in FOREVER...but it is so cute...I had to go back and look....I want to make all of this..but those balls...that are made them look easy...but they were darling!