Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Love these stackers! They are so fun to make and are really simple! :) Here is how I did them!
Item's Needed:
2- 2x4x6 wood blocks
2-2x4x4 blocks
Sand Paper
2 coordinating paints
Vinyl or Rub on lettering "Love at Home"
Buttons/ Ribbon
Ink (if you want)
Paint Brushes
Step 1: Take your wood blocks all 4 of them...
Step 2: Paint them... Each set needs to be the same color...I did the smaller blocks- green and the larger blocks- tan!

Step 3: Let them dry very well!
Step 4: Sand down the edges and such to give them that loved weathered look :)
Step 5: Ink the edges...if you are frugile (cheap) like me you can use a stamp pad and a napkin to get the same effect!!
Step 6: Apply your vinyl or rub-on lettering like so...
Step 7: Decor them up! Use Buttons/ Ribbon/ Flowers whatever you want!!

Step 8: Stand them up like so and enjoy!! Aren't the super cute?!!?

There are so many ways to do these!! Here is the summer set I made as well!! They are so fun :)

I will have some items up for sale on the side bar on the right in a few days. Some of these stackers are for sale as well!! Let me know in the comments or you can email me if you want something...More Details to Follow!! :)

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