Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is a simple and fun decoration for your laundry room/area!! It's very easy to make and turned out super cute!! :) Here's how I did it:

Item's Needed:
1- board...any size you want
Paint Brush
Vinyl Wording or Stencil
1- med. clothespin
Sanding Block
Step 1: Take your board and paint it...mine is a bright Turquoise!!

Step 2: After it has dried really well take your sanding block and sand your edges down to give it
the weathered look.
Step 3: After sanding take your stamp pad (if your cheap like me :) ) or your distressing ink and ink the sides of the board a bit!
Step 4: Next take your lettering or stencils and place them all on the board. The saying for this board is "Laundry, Drop your Drawers here!"
All put on!
Step 5: Take your twine and clothespin and tie it around the bottom/side/or top of the board whatever you choose! (I didn't leave the arrow on the board...I decided I didn't like it!!)
Last hang it up and stand back and Enjoy!! :)

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