Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here is another cute and easy craft for Thanksgiving...I seem to have hardly any decoration for this lovely Holiday so I have been creating a few here and there!!
{Thanksgiving Board}

Item's you will need:
1- 1x6x16 piece of wood
Paint brushes
Cricut Letters or Rub-On's
Step 1: Paint your 1x6x16 board with your paint of choice.
Step 2: After your paint drys really well...Sand down your corners if you chose to!

Step 3: Take your ribbon and tie it around one end of your board like so:

Step 4: Take your Cricut lettering or Rub-on and center it and rub it on your board

Step 5: Add any other little embellishments that you chose!

Then you are all done!!! SOO cute!


  1. everything you do is so freakin cute...girl you should sale stuff at a craft are so talented!

  2. Icouldn't agree more! I don't know how you find the time to do everything! LOVE IT ALL!!