Saturday, November 7, 2009

~Count Your Blessings~

Here is another super cute Thanksgiving craft, cute door decor!!
~Count Your Blessings~
Items you will need:
3- 2x4x4 blocks
Sand paper
coordinating scrapbooking paper
rub-on or cricut cut letters
paint brushes
staple gun
Items you will need
Step 1: Sand and paint your blocks with your colors you picked!

Step 2: After your blocks dry measure your fall type paper and cut squares
out. I left a small border around the edges.

Step 3: *This isn't the right block* But showing you next to mod podge your
paper to the block. (Remember to let the it dry really well so they don't stick.)
Step 4: Rub on or transfer on your letters and your leaves or other decor.
Step 5: Block #1 with "count" and a leaf.
Block #2 with "your" and leaf.

Block #3 with "blessings" and also the leaf.
Step 6: After everything has dried really well take your ribbon and start stapling to the back of the blocks. Leaving about 1 inches between each block.
Step 7: on the top block, the "count" block...fold a loop and staple it again.

Step 8: In the loop tie your raffia into a bow to hang it from.

Step 9: Hang it from your door and ENJOY!! Super cute! :)

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