Monday, November 9, 2009


I think I have an obsession with pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Just picking out our kiddos pumpkins to carve was a fun thing for me. I love all there funky shapes and sizes!! Here is a super fun and easy craft. I don't have all of the step by step but I can give you directions on what to use and how to do it!!!

{Cute Wooden Pumpkins}

Items you will need:
3- wooden blocks (3 different sizes) my tallest in about 6- 7 inches and
my smallest is about 3- 4 inches!!
Orange Paint
1 Large wooden dowel/ or 3 small wooden dowels (Stem's on the pumpkins)
Strand of leaves (Dollar store has them)
Sand paper
Wood Glue or Hot Glue


Step 1: Take your 3 wooden blocks and sand them down good
Step 2: Paint all three of them orange- Let them dry really well
Step 3: Paint your 3 Dowels Green- also let them dry well
Step 4: Sand your edges a little, making them look old and weathered :)
Step 5: Glue your wooden dowels on the tops of all 3 pumpkins
Step 6: Hot glue or glue some leaves around the top of the block/pumpkin
Step 7: Tie your raffia around the stems and let hang down the side of your pumpkins!

And there you have it:

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