Monday, June 7, 2010

Framed Flower...

Hey all! has been a busy and ongoing month! But I am back and I have alot of ideas up my sleeve that I am ready to get out there and to share!! Here is a cute/simple framed flower that I did for my lil ones room that is all pink and black! It turned out super cute!! Here's how you do it:
{Framed Flower}
1- black frame (4x6) 3 dollars at walmart
1 piece of scrapbook paper approx. 4x6 in size
1- flower (gerbera daisy) pink of course :)
Glue gun
Step 1: Take your frame and your piece of scrapbooking paper and put the paper infront of the glass like so: Step 2: Next take your flower off the stem and so it is in layers...Using your glue gun take each layer and glue in to the paper...then glue the center on.
Step 3: Take your buttons and glue them on the frame
Step 4: Stand it up and enjoy! Super cute for your lil ones room! :)
{Framed Flower}


  1. Those are too cute!! I'm definately going to make those for my girls room! Where did you find your daisy's?

  2. Cylista- thanks! I found them at Walmart for 1.00!! :)