Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flower Bow...

These are my favorite bows out of any of the kinds of bows I have made...they are easy and soo cute and you can combine so many different ribbons!! Here is how you do it!

Item's Needed:
For this bow:
4 different colors or patterened ribbon
1- large button
Hot glue gun
Step 1: Take your ribbons...Cut the one you want on the bottom longest, then get a little shorter until you get to the fourth one. You will need 3 of the two longest, then 2 of the 3rd shortest and 1 of the shortest if that makes sense!!! :) Pictured below:
Step 2: Take one of the pieces of the longest ribbon. Fold in one end to the middle and glue, do the same with the other end. It will look like this:
Step 3: Do that to all 3 pieces and then glue them together like so:
Step 4: Take your next layer of ribbons (3 of them) and glue them the same way.
Step 5: Glue them together like so:
Step 6: Glue your layers together
Step 7: Do the same with your third layer (2 pieces)(black in this photo) and then make a figure eight with the top piece and glue all the layers together.
Step 8: Glue a large button that matches to the top. I made a set! Also glue an alligator clip to the back of your cute bow and ENJOY!!:)
Step 9: Get busy cutting ribbon and make a bunch! Here is what I did in one sitting! They are so fun :) One piece of advice that helped me to get down faster was to cut all the ribbon first and then sit and glue them!! :)
{Flower Bow}


  1. Your bows are so cute! I'm going to have to make some for my little girl.

  2. Thank you!!! They are lots of fun!!!