Monday, October 26, 2009


If you like to craft then you usually have ALOT of stuff. Odds and ends...a little of this and a little of that. Well my craft "corner" and "area" was a MESS!! So I decided to get it all organized! This is how I did it!!

You will need:
Stuff that needs to be organized
Crates (Walmart has them for $1!!)
or Rub-on Letters
Step 1: Get all your stuff out and seperate it into individual piles
Ex. Paint, Tools, Ribbon.....etc..
Step 2: Put each individual pile of things into a crate.

Step 3: With your cricut or rub-on letters, label each crate.

Step 4: There you have all of your things organized into individual crates nicely stacked to where you can see and get to each one of them!

AAHHHHH I love if I can get my Laundry and the rest of my house to be this easy!! :)

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