Sunday, October 25, 2009

~~Cute Baby Leggins~~

Baby Leggins or Lil Girl Leggins for me are so so cute!! I love them! They are super easy to make as well. So here is a step by step tutorial of how to make them!!

Baby Leggins
Items you will need:
1 pr. of tube socks (Target is where I got mine)
Sewing Machine
Matching thread

Step 1- Take socks out of the packaging and lay them out flat.
Step 2: Cut the heel and the toe of the sock out... make sure to cut straight across.

Step 3- You will only need the long part of the sock the leg part and the middle piece (one between the toe and heel)
Step 4- Take the small piece (One between heel and toe) and fold it in half with right side out.

Step 5- Put over the "leg" of the sock match up the "cut" edges.

Step 6- With your sewing machine sew about 1/2 inch-1 inch in, make sure you don't sew the hole of the sock shut!!

Step 7-Trim up all of the strings

Step 8-Flip the sock back down inside of itself.

Step 9- Like this!

Step 10- Make a bunch more and find the cutest little girl or baby to put them on!!

Super fun and super easy!!! Love them! :)


  1. I love this! What a great idea to have a craft blog, I'm am so excited to see all your great idea's! I love to craft too, so if you ever need company let me know!


  2. are truley cute are those.. i love them...will be copying you on those!